If you’d like to learn more about how the Spectrum model and other Spectrum Series scanners;. When the side panel of the scanner is opened, a safety interlock removes power from the transport circuitry before any hazardous parts are accessible. Browse Related Browse Related. Yes the front and back cameras can be set differently. How do I know if the image will be displayed in the Preview window if the brightness is out of range? Yet, these factors often are overlooked. Do not lift the scanner by its feeder in front.

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No, the camera calibration reminder will not stop the scanner from operating.

While holding the sheet, let the skimmer rollers spin on the area of the sheet that has been sprayed with rubber tire cleaner. How Does it Work? Spectrum Auto Color Detect Spectrum’s new Auto Color Detect ACD feature does exactly as its name suggests-it correctly identifies color documents from bitonal documents automatically, without slowing down or stopping, while scanning is in process.

Browse All Upcoming Auctions Since all steps below apply mainly for color scanning, please ensure that your scanning application software is set to scan in color.

Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

Skimmer Assembly Roller Cat No: This item will ship to 80000 Statesbut the seller has not specified shipping options. One suggested way, is to run it under water while squeezing the foam on the roller. When using a Rubber Cleaner or Rejuvenator for cleaning scanner rollers, it is recommended to wipe the roller and surrounding area where the cleaner was applied.

Operator Maintenance To 80000 the best operation from your scanner, regularly maintain the unit. The purchase price will be adjusted upward or downward in accordance with the unit price and on the basis of the quantity or weight actually delivered.



If the color content measured is less than the Color Minimum, the output will be bitonal. Characters maximum of 22 characters on one line of print, with up to 10 additional numeric index characters available Orientation vertical, with the ability to rotate 90, or degrees Print Resolution 96 dpi in horizontal or vertical orientation Ink Capacity approximatelycharacters per cartridge Print Mechanism Inkjet Need a Spectrum imprinter upgrade?

Feeding then starts automatically and VRS automatically deletes the bad image one document scanned on top of another and keep all good images in the proper order.

Versatile Scanning A great feature for scanning microfilm printouts, allowing users to convert black to white and vice versa when scanning images printed on paper that has a black or almost-black background.

The condition of the merchandise being offered varies.

However, the parameters remain in the same position as they were set when you return to ADF mode. VRS also immediately recovers document multifeeds without requiring the operator to rescan the entire batch.

This is not an exact science, so you will not need to spend a lot of time estimating; if you enter a setting that doesn’t catch everything, the scanner will simply stop, you can change the ignore by size setting and quickly reefed the document.

No additional import charges at delivery! On the scanner’s front panel, press the “CLEAR” key, then press the right arrow key several times until the “Code Revision Numbers” menu is displayed, which will look like this:. Contrary to popular belief, List Price or MSRP manufacturer’s suggested retail price is only the starting point for determining your true scanner cost. Don’t have an account? The sticky sheets used to clean the transport rollers will keep the roller in fairly good condition.


Bwoe the color content measured is more than the Color Maximum, the output will be color.

Please call technical support at SCAN Troubleshooting Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 7. Property will be available for inspection at the places and times specified.

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That will let you set the thresholds for the out of brightness limits. Grasp the top of the side guides and gently slide them in the grooves. Further, no interpretation of any provision copiiscan the contract, including applicable performance requirements shall be binding on Bentley’s unless furnished or agreed to, in writing by the supervisor or his designated representative.

The best way to keep your scanner clean is to purchase a Spectrum All-In-One Kit and follow the enclosed directions. In addition, scanners without onboard VRS may encounter problems because the scanner has not been fully integrated with VRS. This allows for front-page pre-scan and back-page post-scan special order imprinting of a string of alphanumeric characters on documents that are fed into the scanner transport.

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