The card is physically smaller than other Audigy 2 cards. That’s your PSU doing that I think. Thank you for signing up! Jan 2, 8. As it seems to take up more room on the board and is branded as a superior solution. Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. I searched the internet and could find no evidence of any retail boxes labeled “Audigy 2 SE”.

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Mar 18, Posts: CraftishJan 5, While I agree that the stuff about flatness is silly, having hiss on some systems is perfectly reasonable, particularly if he tried headphones. Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore? Not 3rd party but original new ones. Tue Apr 13, 7: It’s not the chipset and it’s not the motherboard implementation. Just zd a true LFE channel and let me receiver do the rest. AFAIK, most modern onboard soundchips are actually very decent.

Thu Apr 15, 1: I’ve never been completely happy with my onboard sound of the last three boards I bought.

PAX PCI Audigy All-OS-Driver V3.35 Released

Fri Apr 16, 1: Again with the newer drivers that have better EQ controls maybe I could match it more precisely but for the time being Im happy with the Audigy2. Hum is not usually noise from the PSU, not “noise” in the sense of poor filtering, anyway.


DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: The OP wanted to know if theres any reason to ditch his Audigy. Wed Apr 14, 4: All others trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. If its because its easier to use onboard than use up a PCI slot, or you dont wanna deal with Creative drivers audig I totally understand, but for me the WDM drivers work great, have had no problems since W7 RC that I can understand.

I keep reading excuses that it must be either a speaker issue, or a driver issue, or someone is doing something wrong if they experience some level of noise interfence.

alternative audigy 2 zs drivers | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

If its the latter, then I will simply have to disagree as its totally subjective and I prefer it thats all. Post 1 of 5. I recommend it to anyone!!!

I’ve read online about alternative drivers for the A2ZS. Dec 31, 6. Wed Apr 14, 9: Post 4 of 5.


Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore?

I specificly am looking for drivers that will deliver bass to both the front channels and the sub Dec 30, 2. I realize it doesn’t have much to do with the X-Fi cards from Creative, but no one seems to have tested it, which is odd since it seems like one of the few alternatives to the Realtec codecs. Perhaps the EQ in the latest drivers improve things greatly, but I’m totally satisfied with the sound of my Audigy2 for the time being.

You’ve already bought the card, there are drivers available, so why not? I should merge the two threads cause this is an effort to solve the problem allternative another thread.

This fact was not immediately obvious in Creative’s literature, and was difficult to ascertain even upon examination of the Audigy’s spec sheets.