I was in the bios using M-Flash. Customize The Tech Report Actually, the last driver pack with 8. Things were looking up until last night. It went to reboot on its own and then the screen went black.

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Seems to quite technical to set up.

As soon as power is applied the FF code appears. Maybe a Java issue as I’m on Firefox. This is one such occasion, with the FX packing second-generation PCI Express, support for two- three- and four-way CrossFire configurations, and the first desktop implementation of HyperTransport 3.

Serial ATA burners are much 709fx/sb750 common today, and for users looking to rid their systems of bulky IDE cables, four ports looks a little thin. Well, you probably killed your board. If you are the original question asker, you can mark replies as Helpful or Correct by: With all its PCIe lanes and graphics cards hanging off the north bridge, there isn’t an overwhelming need for additional interconnect bandwidth.

Well, that’s the worst thing to do. Instead, the increase in bandwidth comes courtesy of faster signaling rates that give each PCIe 2. Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets.

Three AMD Motherboards Reviewed – ExtremeTech

Like qmd, chipsets spend most of their time outside the limelight; even shirtless and sweaty, they don’t pack much in the way of sex appeal. Join us as we explore how these features tie the Spider platform together, and how the FX’s performance, power consumption, and initial motherboard implementations measure up. One of the major focus of the chipset series is the energy efficiency of the chipsets. Archived March 8,at the Wayback Machine. Anyone know where I can find these drivers on the AMD site?


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On occasion, chipsets can also bring important new features to the table that will shape system architectures for years to come. But they’re the glue that holds everything together, and that counts for a lot if you value system stability.

The most important of these new features is easily a HyperTransport 3 interconnect that allows the FX to make the most of AMD’s latest Phenom processors. The chipset series, first launched in China on January 23,and released worldwide on March 5, during CeBIT[6] mobile chipsets MG, MG and MT chipsets were released on June 4, during Computex as part of the Puma mobile platform and the GX chipset was released on August 6,while some other members released at a later 790fxs/b750 in Many have RMAed their boards but I suspect your is out of warranty.

The pc doesn’t even POST. Enabling Higher Phenom Overclocks?

AMD chipset series – Wikipedia

Retrieved March 6, If I spend a few more hours working on this board it will amount to more than a full work day. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I’m not sure why 790fs/sb750 Display Result button doesn’t take me there. Everyone, Thanks for the help.


AMD’s 790FX chipset

After selecting all the proper items: AugustRevision ” PDF. If something goes wrong, you end up with an unusable board. Things were looking up until last night.

Retrieved December 12, Some of the members of the AMD chipset series, specifically the and family of chipsets and the GX chipset, have integrated graphics onboard IGPas well as supporting hardware video playback acceleration at different levels. This chip is built using 65nm process technology, allowing for a chipset thermal design power TDP of just 10 watts. Just curious, were you using m-flash from the bios to update the bios or were you using MSI Live from in Windows?